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Course categories

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  • I. Objetivos Generales: Al termino de este curso el estudiante lograra:

    A) Conocimiento:

    · Dominara y ampliara el contenido teológico-doctrinal de la epístola.

    · Habrá leído de una manera completa el libro de Romanos

    · Comprenderá la importancia del estudio de la misma para no caer en corrientes doctrinales erróneas.

    B) Actitudes:

    En el estudio de esta epístola encontrara una gran riqueza que afectara su manera diaria de vivir y de hacer ministerio.

    C) Habilidades:

    · Aplicara este estudio a su vida personal y ministerial.

    · Ayudara a los que lo rodean a amar más el estudio de la Palabra.

    · Estudiara el libro de Romanos capitulo por capitulo

  • Teologia Sistematica V
  • Teologia Sistematica III is the third course of Systematic Theology at Facultad.
  • Learn how to use the Learning Management Software to develop your own online courses.

Site news

Picture of Mark Diaz
Graduation 2008
by Mark Diaz - Monday, 31 March 2008, 06:04 PM

This year the Facultad graduation will be held on Monday, June 9th, 2008 at 7:30 pm.

Bachelor in Christian Ministry

The Bachelor in Christian Ministry (B. Min.) is designed in the cohort model, bringing 25-30 students to study together for the duration of the program. Elements of the design include:

  • Two entry points: September and February
  • Completion of the program is 9 -13 months
  • Classes meet the first and third Saturday of each month and one week intensives
  • Two separate language tracks: Spanish/English

The six modules of intensives provide the basis for a new level of study that will prepare you for the greater challenges in higher education.

  • Module I Christian Education
  • Module II Pastoral Ministry
  • Module III Missiology
  • Module IV Church Administration
  • Module V Evangelism
  • Module V Thesis Research & Writing

    Ministerial Diploma Program

    The Ministerial Diploma program is designed for those servants of God who have a call to the ministry and a desire to achieve greater effectiveness in the pursuit of that calling by increasing their knowledge of the Word of God.

    • The program consists of a total of 24 courses, field education work, and 2 summer workshops. It is designed for the full-time student to obtain his or her Diploma in three years, yet can be flexible in order to accommodate students with limited schedules.
    • The costs associated with the program allow Christian workers greater access to quality formal education.
    • Note: The Ministerial Diploma program is available in the United States only and is only offered in the Spanish language at this time.
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